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Save time and checkout faster than ever

Our app allows you to make a list of what you need to buy and then quickly plots the quickest route to pick everything on your list - saving you precious time. The ShopsAssist app will provide in-store GPS guidance and a Concierge service for those truly in a hurry!

Learn the ShopsAssist Features

There's more than meets the eye in this shopping tool. Discover all ShopsAssist has to offer!


Create A List

Choose your store to see the products available or search for what you need and ShopsAssist will find it in your area.

iBeacon Navigation

See deals and stores pop up right on your phone when you are passing or walking by a ShopsAssist store!

Store Maps

Now that you've created your list, go to the store map to see where each product is. No more wasting time searching for your items!

Deals & Brands

Save your favorite brands to take advantage on special promotions and discounts.

Learn how to make shopping more efficient with ShopsAssist.

Good shopping starts with good planning. Why wander around stores aimlessly looking for each item? Our app allows you to see where every item is before you step in the door. Shopping lists, store maps, coupons? ShopsAssist provides it all at just a touch away.


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Are you a Business looking to feature ShopsAssist?

Take a step ahead of your competitors by featuring ShopsAssist in your business. Using the most modern beacon technology, you will be able to show where very item or brand is in your store. Feature your own 3D store map and offer advertising and coupons through the app. Contact us today for more information on how to be an official ShopsAssist business.